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IELTS Coaching

Do you want to High Band Score 9.0 in IELTS Exam?

IELTS is the most popular high staked English proficiency test which is accepted across the world. ieltscertificatesonline, recognised as one of the best IELTS coaching & training centres in the USA, provides free of cost Academic IELTS classes that enables the students to score high bands upto 8 (and 9 in some exceptional cases). It has developed a specialised course module that helps in mastering reading, writing, listening and speaking skills with an unmatched excellence.

In order to reach the global standards, ieltscertificatesonline takes care of objective assessment of students’ English ability and guides them in practicing it to achieve the desired score. Furthermore, it takes the students through strategic learning approach that can further advance their language skills for better future.

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  • Reading
  • Writing
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How to Prepare for IELTS Exam


IELTS exam also covers audio visual exercise to evaluate the listening capabilities of the student. It involves listening to the conversation of native speakers, identifying their accent and tone of the voice. Our proficient trainers take them through every conversations and interaction in English. We also focus on observing body language that can help in cracking this exercise.


Speaking section is one of the most challenging sections in IELTS exam. It requires good pronunciation with fluency of speaking in English. We help the students practice on listening module more so that students can get familiar with pronunciation and work on their speaking ability. For better practice, we also provide them audio’s to listen and improve their speaking skills.


The reading part of IELTS exam includes reading comprehension and understanding the written text. Reading number of informational paragraphs in English helps in finding the answers quickly. With continuous reading habit and practice, one can improve their speed of finding the facts and opinions and gradually becomes stronger in this section.


The writing section depends upon the type of the test you undergo – Academic or General. It includes two to three writing tasks to evaluate the writing capabilities of the student. We assist the students in articulating their opinions and views about political, social and cultural issues in written English. We pay special attention to structuring and providing supportive information to ensure performance in this section.

IELTS Language Training

Preparation for IELTS exam is based on the practice time spent on engaging with English language. Communicating in English in every minute of the day, watching films, reading books and publications help in improving the language ability.